CellGuardians Registration

How the App Works

Step 1: Choose your subscription.

You decide whether you’d like payment cycles either monthly or annually. You’ll get almost 2 months free when you sign up for an annual subscription.

Step 2: Register & sync.

Once you choose a subscription, you will receive a license number. To sync your subscription, enter the 12-digit license number and the 10-digit phone number of the device you’d like to connect into the CellGuardians app.

Step 3: Adjust settings via your dashboard.

From the CellGuardians dashboard, a Guardian can choose which apps can be accessed when the driver exceeds the target speed. Repeat the process in order to set geo-fence zones in Location Mode or time and date restrictions in Schedule Mode.

Step 4: Once Synced, Experience Cell Guardians at work.

When Driver Mode, Location Mode or Schedule Mode are activated, the smartphone user will have access only to the apps or functions selected in the CellGuardians dashboard. The user and Guardian can now relax knowing that unwanted distractions are being eliminated.

Step 5: Need More Help

For a Guardian Setup Guide click HERE

For a User Setup Guide click HERE

For a Guide on Allowing Apps for the user click HERE

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