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CELLGUARDIANS eliminates mobile phone distractions when you need it most.

Distracted driving is dangerous for everyone on the road. Let us assist you with new technology for Android mobile phones that eliminates distractions. With CellGuardians, you can minimize calls/texts and limit app notifications for yourself, your family or your employees. With fewer distractions, smartphone users can focus on what really matters, driving safely and keeping their eyes on the road. Guardians manage single or multiple linked android devices through a Website and Dashboard.

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For Companies

When it comes to workplace safety and productivity, CellGuardians is an all-in-one tool. Keep fleet drivers safer on the roads and keep your team more productive by eliminating smartphone distractions. It’s as simple as a few steps.

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For You

Sometimes, self-control isn’t enough. When pesky notifications get in the way, use CellGuardians to minimize those distractions. Eliminating notifications and silencing apps can give you more time to sleep, relax or focus on what’s important.

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How to Setup the App

Putting CellGuardians to work for your family, yourself or your company is simple and quick:

  1. Purchase and download the Android CellGuardians App on to your device.
  2. Register for free for yourself or as a Guardian HERE and obtain a license number.
  3. Once the Cell Guardians app is downloaded, the device user enters the Guardian’s license number, which syncs the device with the Guardian’s dashboard.
  4. From the Cell Guardians dashboard, the phone settings can be updated.
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